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California Legislation

The grid below provides information on CPEHN's priority bills for the 2017-2018 legislative session.

Questions? Please email Kimberly Chen at

Last Update: Friday, February 17, 2017 - 16:11
CPEHN Sponsored Legislation
Bill Number/Author Sponsor Description CPEHN Position Status Letter of Support
SB 223 (Atkins) Health Care Non-Discrimination Act: SB 223 (Atkins) will require all health plans in California to comply with non-discrimination measures, strengthen consumer protections, and align language access standards regardless of changes in federal policy. More info Support Senate - Health
AB 391 (Chiu) Regional Asthma Management & Prevention, Children Now Asthma Preventive Services Act: AB 391 (Chiu), co-sponsored by Regional Asthma Management & Prevention and Children Now, will allow California to better deliver care for Medi-Cal beneficiaries with asthma by adopting policies to expand access to cost-effective preventative care and provide healthcare workforce opportunities for communities of color. More info Support Assembly - Pending Referral
AB 470 (Arambula) Mental Health Equity Act: AB 470 (Arambula) will establish robust tracking and evaluation measures to ensure Medi-Cal beneficiaries have timely access to quality mental health services that meet their cultural and language needs. More info Support Assembly - Pending Referral
AB 179 (Cervantes) Center for Community Action & Environmental Justice, ClimatePlan Transportation Equity Act: AB 179 (Cervantes), co-sponsored by Center for Community Action & Environmental Justice and ClimatePlan, will restructure the California Transportation Commission to ensure diverse representation that promotes equitable transportation planning and protect public health. More info Support Assembly - Transportation