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What We Do

What We Do

Advocating for health equity.

Changing Health Policy: Our Policy Center highlights ongoing policy efforts to improve the health of communities of color.

Convening Diverse Communities: Our Events bring our communities together to share information and provide a forum to develop a unified agenda to advance health equity.

Collecting Data and Resources: Our Race & Ethnicity Data collects the most up-to-date studies and statistics on the health of our communities and the inequities we experience.

Working in Diverse Coalitions: CPEHN works to build a unified, inclusive movement to achieve health equity, and has been instrumental in establishing and leading statewide coalitions like Having Our Say.

CPEHN's Four Priority Areas

Our work is grounded in our vision for achieving health equity:

  1. All Californians will have equal access to affordable health care.
  2. Cultural and linguistic competency will be integrated into quality care.
  3. Social and environmental conditions will promote the health of communities of color.
  4. All health institutions and agencies will address disparities in access, utilization, and outcomes among racial, ethnic, and language groups.

For some examples of our work, please check out CPEHN Publications.

Our Successes

Ensuring acccess to quality care. In 2003, we led a legislative effort on behalf of millions of Californians whose primary language is not English. Unable to communicate with their health care providers, these patients faced increased risk of misdiagnosis and misunderstanding their treatments. CPEHN co-sponsored groundbreaking legislation, SB 853 (Escutia), which mandates all health plans and insurers in California provide interpreters and translated documents to their members.

Promoting healthy communities. We know that health does not begin and end at hospital doors: racial inequality in education, employment opportunities, and affordable housing all contribute to poor health. Over the past decade, CPEHN has taken a "health in all policies" approach that reaches across different activist movements to create a broader definition of what constitutes health.

Cultivating a movement. In 2007, when health care reform was once again at the top of the state's policy agenda, CPEHN engaged those who had the most at stake in the debate but were missing from policy discussions: low-income people and communities of color. The Having Our Say coalition ensured our communities had a seat at the table, building member capacity through advocacy tranings and mini-grants.

Our Future

As we build on two decades of achievements, we are taking CPEHN to the next level. We're continuing to expand our mobilizing efforts. We're formalizing our work with researchers to support our policy agenda with hard data. And, as the country becomes increasingly diverse, we are sharing CPEHN's multicultural model nationally.

Our work has transformed the face of health policy in California, and we still have a long way to go. At CPEHN, we have always found that our strength lies in unity. We look forward to continuing to unite with you.