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AB 2430: Medi-Cal: program for aged and disabled persons (2017 - 2018)


Current law requires the department to exercise its option under federal law to implement a program for aged and disabled persons, as described. Current law requires an individual under these provisions to satisfy certain financial eligibility requirements, including, among other things, that his or her countable income does not exceed an income standard equal to 100% of the applicable federal poverty level, plus an income disregard of $230 for an individual, or $310 in the case of a couple, except that the income standard determined shall not be less than the SSI/SSP payment level for a disabled individual or couple, as applicable. This bill would instead require, upon receipt of federal approval, all countable income over 100% of the federal poverty level, up to 138% of the federal poverty level, to be disregarded, after taking all other disregards, deductions, and exclusions into account for those persons eligible under the program for aged and disabled persons.


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