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Advocates from Across California Gather in Sacramento for ENACT Nutrition and Physical Activity Day

Advocates from Across California Gather in Sacramento for ENACT Nutrition and Physical Activity Day

Over 120 advocates gathered in Sacramento today to discuss legislation that could be key to improving health in California at ENACT Nutrition and Physical Activity Day. Attendees had the opportunity to hear about key legislation and learn some tips about meeting with legislators before conducting legislative visits later in the day. Here are some highlights from the day, with many posts from Twitter (#ENACT2015).

Assemblymember Phil Ting from San Francisco kicked things off with an introductory speech, acknowledging that legislators appreciate when their constituents visit with them about issues that impact the community.

Following the Assemblymember’s remarks, panels discussed each of the ENACT Day priority bills, including:

  • Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program: AB 1321 (Ting) & Budget Proposal will create a statewide grant program that would double the value of nutrition assistance benefits at farmers markets and small business retailers when used to buy California-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables. 
  • Reducing Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption: AB 1357 (Bloom) will work to curb sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and promote health by creating the Children and Family Health Promotion Program to fund initiatives that promote healthy alternatives to sugar-sweetened beverages.
  • After the Bell School Breakfast: AB 1240 (Bonta & Thurmond) will improve students' academic achievement, attendance, and mental and physical health by ensuring that more children in California, particularly those attending high-need schools, have access to school breakfast.
  • Additional Fee for Moving Violations in School Zones: SB 564 (Cannella) will assess an additional $35 fine to any moving violations by vehicles in school zones.

Attendees also had the chance to make “human billboards” to display why they support policies to improve nutrition and promote physical activity.

And finally, attendees traveled to the Capitol to meet with their legislators.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended!

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