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Webinar Highlights Effective Oral Health Advocacy Strategies

Webinar Highlights Effective Oral Health Advocacy Strategies

This year, CPEHN has joined the DentaQuest Foundation’s Oral Health 2020 initiative to focus on addressing oral health inequities using a social justice lens. Through this effort, we are working to highlight the oral health needs of California’s communities of color in an effort to reduce disparities in health outcomes and access to care.

Since we are new to this oral health effort, we are always eager to learn about new ways to advocate for oral health equity. Next week, on August 12th at 11 am, DentaQuest Foundation is hosting a webinar, Effective Advocacy for Oral Health, which will provide some insights into what health advocates can do to improve oral health in their communities. The event will feature speakers from Kansas, Michigan, and Wisconsin and will illustrate how we can be stronger advocates for system change.

The webinar will cover advocacy basics and feature real-life examples of successful efforts. From DentaQuest Foundation’s description of the event:

It is important to recognize that decision-makers like politicians make decisions in part based on their perceptions of public demand. Successful advocacy is therefore all about getting your message across in the most effective way to ensure that politicians and governments know what matters to you and the people in your community. Individuals and groups like you have the power to drive systems change!

The presenters will include:

  • Tanya Dorf Brunner, Executive Director, Oral Health Kansas, Inc.
  • Matt Crespin, MPH, RDH, Associate Director, Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin
  • Karlene Ketola, Executive Director, Michigan Oral Health Coalition
  • Patti Ulrich, Midwest Manager for Community Development, Michigan Oral Health Coalition

We look forward to learning more about oral health advocacy and how we can continue to be a strong part of the Oral Health 2020 initiative. Register for the webinar today!

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