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TWEET: Decline of #BigSoda and Other Highlights from Last Week in Social Media

TWEET: Decline of #BigSoda and Other Highlights from Last Week in Social Media

Welcome to This Week in Equity Engagement on Twitter (TWEET) for the week of October 5, 2015. There was so much bill-signing excitement last week that we’re a couple days late for this anxiously anticipated edition of TWEET. Don’t worry, we still have a lot of great stuff in here, including:

Great feature in the New York Times about how soda consumption is decreasing.

While most people drive to work, alternative forms of transportation (walking, biking, etc.) are becoming more popular.

There are more sobering statistics about mass incarceration in America, particularly among African American young men.

Another great feature looks at the discrepancies between prison and education spending across the country.

Here is a neat visual on the impact of air pollution and what can be done to clean our air.

Displacement in low-income areas and communities of color has a lot of consequences, as illustrated by this interactive skit.

This great new initiative is helping empower young Black girls.

A new report from the California HealthCare Foundation looks at how long patients have to wait to see a physician.

This great new resource from ChangeLab Solutions looks at food environments in rural communities.

Our friends at First 5 LA have released their Intergenerational Learning Family Guide.

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