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CPEHN Strongly Supports Better Data to Improve the Health of Our Communities

CPEHN Strongly Supports Better Data to Improve the Health of Our Communities

We Call Upon the Governor and California State Legislature to Support AB 1726

The California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN) stands together with over 110 health, legal, education and civil rights organizations in strong support of better data collection through AB 1726 (Bonta), the AHEAD Act.

Health data saves lives. Only from data collection and analysis are we able to understand who is most affected by certain diseases and health threats. With data, we can monitor when the medical system is not reaching a community in need. With data, we can advocate to create prevention programs that address the needs of each community in a culturally and linguistically appropriate way. From healthcare use, disease patterns, and environmental health hazards, data equips healthcare providers and policymakers with tools to make the right decisions---decisions that save lives.

Healthcare for children, families, seniors, and our communities requires a commitment not just to the individual but to the collective. Proven, scientific strategies, such as data collection and analysis, help us identify and address health disparities. Without critical information on race and ethnicity, we all pay the price.

Unfortunately, opponents have fallen prey to political tactics seeking to create a wedge between our communities. Using fear and manipulation, they are trying to invoke horrible events of our history to make political gains. They are fearful of our collective power, our growing numbers, and our powerful voices.

Let’s stand together for real change. Let’s challenge the status quo. Let’s make our lives better and continue to improve essential civil rights and services that make us stronger and healthier.

To better our health and well-being, we must improve and expand access to data, which is the ONLY goal of AB 1726. CPEHN is proud to co-sponsor AB 1726 with our partners in the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and Southeast Asian American Communities.

The California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN) is a multicultural health policy organization dedicated to improving the health of communities of color in California. CPEHN’s mission is to promote health equity by advocating for public policies and sufficient resources to address the health needs of our communities. For more information, please contact: (510) 832-1160 or (916) 447-1299

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