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CPEHN proudly announces the release of The Landscape of Opportunity in October!

CPEHN proudly announces the release of The Landscape of Opportunity in October!

Our biennial conference Voices for Change: Seizing the Momentum for Health Equity is a month away! The speakers and workshops are set, and CPEHN is busy preparing for a fantastic day of dynamic discussions with our friends, colleagues and allies.  We see our statewide conference as the time for us to step back and reflect on our unified goals for the health of our communities across California. As a conference attendee, you will be the first to receive a copy of our report called, The Landscape of Opportunity - Cultivating Health Equity in California. This labor of love is published every three years and we are excited to share our third edition of the report with you!

The Landscape of Opportunity uses current data and research to examine health across a broad spectrum of factors and social conditions. Inequities in socioeconomic status, education, the physical environment and access to resources can limit our ability to achieve optimal health. Throughout the report, we describe the complex relationship between structural factors and health outcomes. Building on CPEHN’s 25 years of advocacy, the Landscape of Opportunity proposes a policy framework for health equity focused on creating just systems and structures for better health.

We have moved the needle on several important policies such as expanding health care coverage and improvements in health care services, among others. These policy wins provide us with the chance to harness our collective voice to do more. But as we’ve learned, health coverage and health services are not enough. It is time to identify overlapping systems that perpetuate disparities in order to address opportunities for incorporating equity into everyday practice. We recognize that achieving health equity requires advocating for policy changes that can impact multiple aspects of our lives. The Landscape of Opportunity provides context for advancing a comprehensive policy agenda by highlighting where we’ve been, what we’ve achieved and what we still need to do.

Our Voices for Change conference is about building on the momentum we’ve achieved for our communities in California. As advocates for equity, we are charged with doing more and together we can!  We look forward to seeing you in October and sharing the Landscape of Opportunity report with you!  

It’s not too late to register for the conference.

To view the 2016 Landscape of Opportunity report
To view 2012 Landscape of Opportunity report.

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