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Governor Brown Signs SB 1139 (Lara) Into Law!

Governor Brown Signs SB 1139 (Lara) Into Law!

Today, Governor Brown signed into law SB 1139 (Lara), which will prevent medical degree and healing arts training program programs from discriminating against students on the basis of immigration status and will open up state loan repayment and scholarships to undocumented individuals. 

CPEHN is proud to have co-sponsored the bill with Pre-Health Dreamers and to have Senator Ricardo Lara champion this measure.

Right now, bright, qualified Californians are ready and willing to care for our most medically-underserved populations. Today’s signature clears a path for our communities’ aspiring health professionals to pursue their dreams and help meet the cultural and linguistic needs of our state.

We can’t thank enough Pre-Health Dreamers and MedDreamers for their incredible leadership and enthusiasm. Together, we were able to highlight the passionate young Californians willing to pursue a healthcare career to meet our state’s provider shortages and show the incredible support our aspiring undocumented students have from those practicing in the medical field.

Thank you to everyone who supported the bill!

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