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Fifth Day of Action to Defend ACA

Fifth Day of Action to Defend ACA

Call or Tweet Your Congress Representative!

Please help us get the message to our leaders on this final day of action to defend ACA. Tweet #Figh4OurHealth throughout the day to the following people—let’s flood their accounts! 

  • Jeff Denham  @RepJeffDenham
  • David Valadao  @RepDavidValadao
  • Devin Nunes  @DevinNunes
  • Kevin McCarthy  @kevinomccarthy
  • Jim Costa @RepJimCosta
  • Pete Aguilar  @RepPeteAguilar
  • Raul Ruiz  @CongressmanRuiz
  • Ro Khanna  @RoKhannaUSA
  • Jimmy Panetta  @JimmyPanetta
  • Salud Carbajal  @carbajalsalud
  • Nanette Diaz Barragan  @Nanette4CA
  • Lou Correa  @loucorreaCA

Sample Tweets 

  • Rolling back or repealing the ACA will threaten the health and stability of our communities @Congress [See list above] #Fight4OurHealth #ProtectOurCare
  • ACA removed barriers and allowed millions of CA to create healthier lives  @Congress #Fight4OurHealth #ProtectOurCare
  • ACA expanded health choices and CA benefited by insuring more people @Congress #@Congress #Fight4OurHealth #ProtectOurCare
  • We refused to roll back progress ACA has gained! @Congress No repeal without Replacement! #Fight4OurHealth #ProtectOurCare 
  • We will not allow our communities to be left out @Congress-No repeal without replacement #Fight4OurHealth #ProtectOurCare
  • Dear @Congress: Millions could lose health coverage. How will you #ProtectOurCare?

Call Your Congress Representative!

Use this tool to find your representative! Check out their website and call their public number to tell them NO REPEAL WITHOUT REPLACEMENT!

You can also use this messaging template from @FamiliesUSA: 

As your constituent, I ask you to protect the progress we've made under the Affordable Care Act in health care and coverage. Please insist on a plan that will assure we continue to have quality, affordable health insurance before agreeing to repeal the law.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act could harm millions, double the number of uninsured by 2019, and throw the U.S. health care system into disarray. It could take affordable health care coverage away from 30 million people, including children and working families covered under the ACA’s Medicaid expansion.

Your constituents deserve to know what is in a replacement plan and see proof that it will provide better, more affordable care, coverage, and consumer protections than the Affordable Care Act does BEFORE any repeal.

With you, we will defend our hard-fought gains and continue to move forward.


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