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House Takes First Vote to Advance Budget Cuts, Sets Stage for Tax Cut for Wealthy

House Takes First Vote to Advance Budget Cuts, Sets Stage for Tax Cut for Wealthy

On Thursday, October 5, House Republicans took their first major step toward bankrolling tax cuts for the wealthy through devastating cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. In passing its budget resolution, the House promises to inflict $1.5 trillion cuts to Medicaid and $497 million to Medicare.

The House passed the budget resolution on a 219-206 vote.

While 19 Republicans joined Democrats to oppose the resolution, all California Republicans voted in favor of the proposal, which would lead to deep deficits in Medi-Cal, jeopardizing care for millions of beneficiaries.

The proposed cuts pave the way for the Republican tax reform plan that aims tax breaks largely at the wealthy. Middle and upper income families would see only modest gains while low income families will see safety net programs in health care and food assistance torn apart.

Take Action:

  • Spread the word: Share resources on social media or to your listservs on just how harmful this budget cut will be for Californians:
  • Organize an Accountability Phone Bank This Week - SEIU CA State Council can support your organization in setting up a virtual phone bank to call constituents of key CA House Representatives in order to ask them to call their Congressmembers to express their opposition to their vote.  If you are interested, email Yasmin Peled at

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