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Blog Posts from March 2019

Blog Posts from March 2019

Central Valley Residents Discuss Health Priorities with Congressman Harder

On February 21, advocates held a community listening forum on health with newly elected Central Valley Congressman Josh Harder. Nearly 100 community members—including residents, health care providers, non-profit leaders, and city council officials—attended the forum to listen and share their health care stories.

Hosted by the Having Our Say Coalition, California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, Mi Familia Vota, and the West Modesto Community Collaborative, the forum invited Congressman Harder to listen to personal stories and concerns around health from members of the community. Residents raised a variety of issues related to:

  • Access to health care for all residents in the community;
  • Health care that is affordable, high-quality, and culturally relevant;
  • Health care that is comprehensive, including mental health, oral health, and preventive care; and
  • Ensuring that communities have the social, economic, and environmental infrastructure necessary to live healthy lives.

Community residents shared stories highlighting challenges in accessing culturally competent health care, care for undocumented populations, mental health services, affordable prescription drugs, and more.