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The American Lung Association State of the Air 2015 report, released last week, showed that while progress has been made, California continues to have some of the worst air pollution in the country. In fact, 28 million Californians live in counties where ozone or particle pollution levels can make the air unhealthy to breathe. (Click on the map to enlarge.)

Covering air pollution data from 2011-2013, State of the Air 2015 shows that California cities still dominate lists for the most polluted areas in the nation for ozone (smog) as well as short-term and annual particle pollution (soot). Several cities had both higher year round averages and unhealthy days on average of particle pollution driven largely by drought weather conditions.

Specifically, of the top ten cities in the nation with the worst air pollution, California metropolitan areas rank as follows:

Ozone Pollution
6 out of the Top 10

Short-Term Particle Pollution
6 out of the Top 10

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Roughly one out of every seven Californians has been diagnosed with asthma. With such high rates, this chronic condition impacts all communities across the state. Luckily, there are a bunch of great organizations working in California to raise asthma awareness.

Among these organizations is Breathe California, which focuses on fighting lung disease, improving air quality, and promoting public health. One of Breathe California’s initiatives is a workshop, All About Asthma, that focuses on working with parents and providers to recognize asthma symptoms and treat the condition early.

Breathe California is hosting All About Asthma workshops this week in the Bay Area, with Spanish sessions held in Daly City for health providers tomorrow (March 11th) and for parents on Thursday (March 12th). An English workshop for parents is also on Thursday (March 12th) in San Bruno. Each of these workshops is available free of charge. You can visit the Breathe California website to register. They also offer the workshops in Chinese.