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When it comes to population health and equity, no single intervention or improvement strategy can solve our challenges alone. That’s the case made in a new commentary just released by Prevention Institute and JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. That’s also why it’s so important that the request for proposals for Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) pilots in California includes a requirement that ACHs adopt a portfolio of strategies for advancing health. These include:

  • Clinical Services
  • Community and Social Services Programs
  • Clinical-Community Linkages
  • Environment
  • Public Policy and Systems Change

By aligning strategies across the portfolio, the interventions achieve a synergistic effect and compound into true population health improvement for communities. The success of this type of approach has been demonstrated repeatedly over the last 50 years through health improvement efforts that have incorporated both individual intervention and community-based prevention to take on issues as diverse as tobacco, driving under the influence, lead exposure, and violence, leading to public health victories that would never have been possible through individual sectors’ separate efforts.

Welcome to This Week in Equity Engagement on Twitter (TWEET) for the week of October 26, 2015. It’s been a great week leading up to what should be a spooky weekend. But before you endure the tricks and enjoy the treats, check out what’s been up on social media:

Covered California open enrollment starts this Sunday! Enroll early!

Greenlining takes a look at diversity in the tech industry.

California's Office of Health Equity has released the solicitations for Phase II of the California Reducing Disparities Project (CRDP) funded by the Mental Health Services Act. Community organizations are particularly encouraged to respond to the solicitations for the Capacity Building and Implementation Pilot Projects, which will fund community-based promising practices to improve mental health in communities of color and the LGBTQ population.

You can also access solicitations for Statewide Evaluator and Technical Assistance Providers.

You can access all the solicitations here.
Bidders’ conferences will be held in Sacramento for all solicitations, and will be available via web conferencing for those unable to attend in person. You can find out more of about these events here. The bidder’s conference for the Capacity Building and Implementation Pilot Projects will be held:

Wednesday, September 9
1:00-4:00 p.m.
Ziggurat Building Auditorium
707 3rd Street in West Sacramento

Web conference option: Go to
Session password: Welcome

CPEHN has been involved in the CRDP for the last five years and will be releasing the project's Statewide Strategic Plan to Reduce Mental Health Disparities in the coming months.

The coverage expansions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have dramatically reduced California’s uninsured population. Before the ACA, 6.5 million Californians lacked health insurance coverage. By 2019, that number will be cut in half, but there will still be between 2.7 and 3.4 million uninsured. Communities of color will represent 87% of those remaining uninsured.

But there are efforts to ensure coverage for the remaining uninsured. Earlier this week, we saw SB 4, the Health for All Act, which would be a great step toward covering all Californians, advance off the Senate floor. And also this week, the Blue Shield of California Foundation announced a new funding opportunity, “Moving Toward Comprehensive Coverage Programs for the Remaining Uninsured.”

From the request for applications:

“In this Request for Applications, Blue Shield of California Foundation aims to support communities in evolving their county programs to more closely mirror comprehensive coverage like Medi-Cal and the former Low Income Health Program. This involves redesigning or developing new programs that emphasize prevention, primary care, and health management for California’s remaining uninsured, inclusive of undocumented immigrants.”

Eligible organizations to apply include:

This originally appeared in a funding announcement from Prevention Institute.

Prevention Institute and the Movember Foundation introduce the Making Connections Initiative and are inviting Letters of Interest from sites to support planning and implementation of upstream, community-driven, mental health, and wellbeing strategies for men and boys. As lead coordinator of the initiative, Prevention Institute encourages applicants who can design multi-sector, collaborative approaches for high-need communities such as boys and men of color and their families, and/or military and veteran communities/families.

This funding opportunity builds on the detailed landscape report on the current state of mental health for American men and boys, Making Connections for Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Men and Boys in the U.S.  A number of the resulting themes have shaped this funding opportunity, including:

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While we were celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act yesterday, there was some more exciting news coming out of Washington. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health (OMH) revealed four funding opportunity announcements for initiatives that will help improve health in communities of color and reduce health disparities across the country.

Let’s take a look at these four opportunities:

There’s nothing like a good funding opportunity to add some intrigue to a Monday morning. In this case, $690,000 is available from California’s Student/Resident Experiences and Rotations in Community Health (CalSEARCH) that will help strengthen the state’s health care workforce.

This opportunity has two different components. CalSEARCH will provide grant opportunities through the Workforce Education and Training Program (WET) to organizations for mental health rotations for students and residents within the public mental health system, and through The California Endowment to organizations supporting Community Health Workers/Promotores in one of the 14 Building Healthy Communities or designated counties of the Central Valley.

The Request for Applications was posted on the CalSEARCH site late last week and is available for review. The final applications are due on March 20, 2015. If you have questions, CalSEARCH is hosting a pair of technical assistance webinars, the first tomorrow (February 24th) and another on March 9th. You can register to attend these webinars here.

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At CPEHN, much of our work has a focus on the social and environmental determinants of health. We know that health is about so much more than what happens in a doctor’s office; it is the result of our surroundings where we live, work, and learn. 

One key factor that influences our health is housing and transportation. In our 2012 report, The Landscape of Opportunity: Cultivating Health Equity in California, we discussed the importance of housing with access to safe transportation options, particularly in communities of color:

“Living in a neighborhood with sidewalks, pedestrian-friendly traffic patterns, and convenient public transportation makes it easier to be active and access important services. Residents in low-income areas are communities of color are often less likely to own a car, so they may rely more on public transportation to go to work, the doctor or the grocery store. … It is important to create safe streets for all users, using sidewalks, dedicated bike paths, and traffic calming measures to make it safer and easier to bike or walk to school and other activities and services.”

For today’s Tuesday Tidbits we’re focusing on a new funding opportunity that focuses on affordable housing and sustainable communities. This past week, the California Department of Housing and Community Development, in conjunction with the Strategic Growth Council, announced the availability of $120 million in funds for the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program.