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Zero Breast Cancer is hosting a unique and important workshop: GIS for Community Impact: From Technology to Translation on April 14 in Oakland. We are bringing together academic, public health, and community health partners to explore how geographic data contribute to our understanding of environmental and social factors that impact our health, especially cancer risk.

The workshop will focus on using breast cancer risk as a model for how to use GIS to help aid in health promotion and disease prevention efforts. According to the 2013 federal report, Breast Cancer and the Environment: Prioritizing Prevention, we need to pay more attention to our environment, including access to healthy foods and physical activity spaces, exposures to chemicals (pesticides, pollution, and drugs), and radiation. These factors are most likely to affect low-income and communities of color, which may have different susceptibility due to social stressors. 

Join us for an interactive day of discovering how we can advance cancer research and focus prevention on those communities with the greatest risk. Register today!

The workshop will feature: