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Healthy City's Community Research Lab (CRL) shares best practices and methods for community-based organizations interested in supporting their strategies with research that combines community knowledge and technology. 

Working with residents in Santa Ana, the Alliance for California Traditional Arts recorded, highlighted, and mapped "Cultural Treasures" including individuals, organizations, places, and events. Through these maps they were able to share community knowledge, locate resources, and provide photos, videos, and other details in English and Spanish about these assets.

If you are interested in working with others in your community to research an issue, visualize your community’s story, and share your maps and research, join us in Orange County on February 24th – 26th as we host three days of free workshops!

The workshops run from 10 am – 4pm, and the topics will include:

Day 1: Community Assets on a Map: Facilitating a Community-Engaged Mapping Session
Day 2: Visualizing Your Community: Creating Maps that Tell Your Community's Story
Day 3: Hyperlocal Communications: Sharing Your Maps and Research

Apply to join us for one or all days! Space is limited and priority is given to organizations in Orange County working on behalf of community-based organizations on specific projects.

If you are interested in attending, you can apply online today. Applications are due by February 20th.