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Editor's note: This terrific event is great for anyone looking for new technologies and strategies for furthering a social justice mission. In particular, there is an emphasis on how to use technology to promote equity in California's communities of color.

On July 30 and 31, fellow capacity builders, mentors, and community organizers from across the state are joining together at the first California Nonprofit Technology Leadership Summit held near Bakersfield at the National Chavez Center.

The CA Tech Summit will be an immersive experience to strengthen the network of leaders in rural and urban areas who are passionate about social justice and technology.

Over the past five years, participants from more than thirty unique California cities convened for the California Nonprofit Technology Festivals in Fresno, Sacramento, Coachella, Los Angeles, and Richmond. From community health, environmental justice, to youth leadership organizations, a diverse range of nonprofits collaborated to learn new skills and share knowledge.

From this ongoing work, a core group of returning participants and organizations expressed interest in diving deeper into ways to grow and support leaders, create mentoring resources, and share capacity building models. The CA Tech Summit is designed to address this need.

What is on the agenda?

We hope that people leave the Valley with expanded support networks and sustainable practices for navigating the intersection of technology and social change. The interactive agenda will be created with participant input before and during the Summit. Topics may include:

Here at Aspiration, we recognize that leveraging technology and online tools is part of the day-to-day work of community organizers and frontline activists. People on the ground, not software developers, are in the best position to choose and use tools in social change efforts. By extension, they often know what works and what doesn't.

In the spirit of sharing this first-hand knowledge between nonprofit and grassroots staff, Aspiration is organizing a series of participatory workshops in Los Angeles next month. Under the banner of our California Training Roadshow, we have two collaborative events scheduled:

The Social Justice Technology Skillshare is a participant-driven gathering of up to 30 people on Wednesday, May 6th, at Mercado La Paloma. Then, a day of communications workshops will be co-organized with the Instituto de Educacion Popular del Sur de California (IDEPSCA) on Friday, May 8th. The latter will be our first training conducted entirely in Spanish, designed to build technology capacity among migrant workers and activists.