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Surprise Medical Bills

Blog Posts tagged "Surprise Medical Bills"

Update 3:30 pm: SB 137 (Hernandez) passed the Assembly Floor today.

Earlier: This morning, The Los Angeles Times printed an editorial in support of two bills that will improve consumer protection in the health care industry. The first, SB 137 (Hernandez), a bill co-sponsored by CPEHN, Health Access, and Consumers Union, will institute much-needed improvements to provider directories. The measure, which has passed the Senate and is currently awaiting a vote on the Assembly floor, would require regular updates to provider directories so that they are accurate and people know what doctors and hospitals are in their network when they shop for coverage or when they seek care.

The Times article detailed the need for SB 137:

But here and in other states, insurers have been competing by assembling "narrow" networks of healthcare providers, dropping more costly doctors and hospitals in favor of those that deliver high-quality care more efficiently. Unfortunately, the lists of in-network doctors and hospitals that insurers have posted have been riddled with inaccuracies, making it impossible to be sure which doctors you'll have access to when you sign up for coverage.

People shouldn't have to guess which doctors' services are covered by their policies, where they're located or whether they accept new patients.