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Charts and Statistics

Percentage of people who do not live within walking distance of a park, playground, or open space, California, 2011-2012.

Percentage of live births, Alameda County 2012.

Percentage of live births, California 2012.

Percentage of live births, Fresno County 2012.

Percentage of live births, Los Angeles County 2012.

Reports, Policy Briefs, and Other Resources

President Trump and Congressional leadership are preparing to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), eliminating access to health care for millions of Californians. Prison and jail inmates experience a higher rate of chronic disease than the general population.

The third edition of this report uses current data and research to examine health disparities across a broad spectrum of factors and social conditions. Throughout the report, the complex relationship between structural factors and health outcomes is discussed. The report also includes case studies, policy wins and policy recommendations.

This report measures well-being across California on the basis of health, education, and income.

This resource includes a comprehensive data resource to track, measure, and make the case for inclusive growth.

This resource from the California Department of Public Health provides data, a standardized set of statistical measures, and tools that can be used to plan healthy communities and evaluate the impact of plans, projects, policy, and environmental changes on community health.

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