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Charts and Statistics

Percentage of students meeting all physical fitness standards, Alameda County 2014.

Percentage of students meeting all physical fitness standards, California 2014.

Percentage of students meeting all physical fitness standards, Fresno County 2014.

Percentage of students meeting all physical fitness standards, Los Angeles County 2014.

Percentage of students meeting all physical fitness standards, Orange County 2014.

Reports, Policy Briefs, and Other Resources

CPEHN is excited to release Accessing Mental Health in the Shadows: How Immigrants in California Struggle to Get Needed Care.The expansion of public mental health services over the last several decades, while significant, has not guaranteed access to mental health care for all California residents, especially undocumented immigrants.Over the past year, CPEHN interviewed fifteen county behavioral health leaders representing twelve California county behavioral health departments in order to evaluate the barriers that immigrant communities face when accessing mental health care.

Innovations in Mental HealthCommunities of color and LGBTQ communities have historically been unserved, underserved, or inappropriately served by California’s behavioral health system. Without innovation in local delivery systems, the prevalence of inappropriate treatment or no treatment among communities of color and LGBTQ communities will remain. This summer, the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, along with its partners the California Primary Care Association and #Out4MentalHealth, released a brief on mental health innovation in California. The brief highlights models of local innovation and opportunities for local and statewide change to ensure new practices are introduced into California’s mental health system. 

CPEHN is excited to release the California Reducing Disparities Project: Strategic Plan to Reduce Mental Health Disparities. This report was developed by the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network in partnership with the California Reducing Disparities Project Partners.

The Strategic Plan to Reduce Mental Health Disparitieswas developed between 2012 and 2015 by the CaliforniaPan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN) with our partnersrepresenting diverse populations in California. The StrategicPlan is part of the California Reducing Disparities Project(CRDP), which is funded through the Mental HealthServices Act (MHSA, or Proposition 63).

Kế Hoạch để Làm Giảm Sự Chênh Lệch về Sức Khỏe Tâm Thần (Strategic Plan to Reduce Mental Health Disparities) được lập ra bởi Hệ Thống Y Tế Các Sắc Dân của California (California Pan-Ethnic Health Network - CPEHN) với những cộng tác viên của chúng tôi đại diện cho sự đa dạng các sắc dân trong tiểu bang California. Kế Hoạch là một phần của Dự Án Làm Giảm Sự Bất Bình Đẳng trong California (California Reducing Disparities Project, viết tắt là CRDP), được tài trợ thông qua đạo luật Đạo Luật Dịch Vụ Sức Khỏe Tâm Thần (MentalHealth ServicesAct -MHSA, hoặc Dự Luật số 63).

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