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#Care4MyCulture Campaign

CPEHN Launches #Care4MyCulture Campaign

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, CPEHN and our partners are launching a campaign to transform mental health care in California and ensure that it is culturally responsive to our communities. Please join us!


Communities of color and LGBTQ+ are often overlooked – including in our complex mental health care system. Disparities in access to care and health outcomes show that state and local leadership need to do more to be responsive to the needs of CA’s diverse populations. 

Cultural competence plans represent an important tool to address mental health disparities, yet these plans do not currently set performance goals – and are not required to get guidance from the communities they seek to serve.


This year, California has the opportunity to pass a new law that will improve the cultural and linguistic competency of public mental health services. Assembly Bill (AB) 512 will lead to better data, better stakeholder engagement, and more accountability for cultural competence in mental health services – all to ensure that mental health services can reflect and best help everyone in the community. 

AB 512 provides greater guidance and accountability to ensure that counties receive the feedback needed to successfully meet the diverse mental health needs in the community. This added attention will significantly improve cultural competence, thereby improving mental health outcomes for our communities.

In addition, California should invest in advancing mental health equity by allocating Mental Health Services Act dollars for data collection, technical assistance, innovative and community-defined practices, and incentives for reducing disparities.


Join the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network and partners in letting our California legislators know that transformative change and mental health equity must be a priority. We will also be gathering stories that exemplify the need for improvement of the cultural and linguistic competency of county mental health services.

Urge your representative to support the bill and budget request – Download and send in letters of support for AB 512 and the budget request today!

Your story is powerClick here to tell your story, or a story on behalf of a friend or family member, as a way to illustrate how real people in California's diverse communities have been impacted by the challenges of accessing quality mental health care and lack of culturally appropriate prevention and early intervention. 

Join the #Care4MyCulture Twitter Storm on Wednesday, May 8th. Click here to access our digital toolkit and sample tweets.

Spread the word – Tell your community members about this campaign and how they can get involved. Together, we can improve California’s public mental health system!

Special thanks to the co-sponsors and supporters of the #Care4MyCulture campaign: