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CPEHN Growing Strong: Video

As CPEHN celebrates 25 years of fighting for health equity, we look back at our roots:

CPEHN: Growing Strong – Video Script



We began as a simple idea - that communities of color in California deserve health equity.

On screen we see the text “1992”, close up on a lone seed falling to the ground with the sun behind it.

And though these communities were largely absent from national health care debates,

The seed enters the soil - its rocky and barren. And in its texture we see stereotypical politicians posturing at podiums.

the time was ripe to bridge divisions and unite our voices.

The camera pans below the surface, where the seed opens and four tiny roots emerge and begin to intertwine.

The idea took root, grounded by four leaders of diverse communities...

The four main roots grow sturdy. Within them we see four leaders, above each one are the logos for the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, California Black Health Network, California Rural Indian Health Board, and the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California.

and CPEHN emerged.

Back above the ground, a sprout emerges.

Together, we've grown stronger through a shared vision:

The sprout grows and begins to harden as it becomes covered in bark.

Accessible, affordable health care for all Californians,

Within the texture of the bark are scenes: different shades of hands all reaching toward the words “Health Care” in the center.

Culturally and linguistically appropriate care,

Bark scene: a doctor and person of color conversing.

Social and environmental conditions that promote health

Bark scene: person of color has access to healthy food at his neighborhood market.

and institutions that address health disparities.

Bark scene: one person is standing below another, next to hospital, they are lifted to the same level.

Our network has expanded - allowing us to  lift community voices for change - thanks to partners, like the Having Our Say Coalition.

Branches emerge on the tree. In the branches, we see for the logo for Having Our Say Coalition. 

Together, we identify health disparities using data,

The branches sprout leaves and begin to flourish - in the leaves we see illustrated data charts.

convene and mobilize community partners,

Within the leaves, we see people gathering.

and have branched out to issues, like oral and behavioral health.

Branches grow with Behavioral Health Equity Collaborative and CA Oral Health Network. 

Our collective efforts have bared fruit, as we continue to influence policies

Fruit begins to blossom - maybe we see a capitol building within one fruit to set the stage.

like legislation that requires all private health plans to provide language services,

Fruit scene - collage of health representatives speaking different languages.

Health4All Kids, which expands healthcare to all children in California, regardless of immigration status,

Fruit scene - child receiving healthcare.

and healthy, equitable land use and transportation policies.

Fruit scene – more bike paths and parks.

Today, CPEHN stands tall - a fully actualized idea that will continue to promote health equity...

Zoom out to a wide view of a full grown, thriving tree...

and create positive change in communities of color for years to come.

as we pan up to a brilliant open sky, and the sun becomes the CPEHN logo.


Fade to logo + End Screen