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Health Equity Forum: Executive Director Article – April 2017

CPEHN Continues to Stand Vigilant and Focused with You

By Sarah de Guia, Executive Director, CPEHN

Over the past few months we were tested, we showed up, AND WE MADE PROGRESS! Right now the Affordable Care Act is more popular than ever but Republicans are still scrambling to come up with a plan to destroy it. You made a difference. Thanks to everyone who made a call, attended a town hall, or donated to a charity to protect and defend our health care!  While we have won the first round, the fight continues. 

­­­­No longer business as usual. With the new Administration, we are seeing fundamental challenges to our democracy. Facts are not recognized, impulse and emotion win the day, and the rules are bent to favor the rich and powerful. This new climate means a new strategy, one that nurtures and sustains our energies and resources through the relentless Trump turmoil.

CPEHN is shifting with this tide to ensure that our voices stay strong, loud, and heard. We will remain laser focused on the health of California’s communities of color. We will provide consistent, up to date information on policy proposals in our ACA Defense Hub and the ACA Weekly Roundup. We will also be providing you with simple talking points, analyses, and events to keep you and your community inspired and engaged.  We are working with our close partners to spotlight their stories about how reproductive justice, mental health, and prevention services will be impacted and hurt our communities if health care is rolled back. 

Elevating Community and Provider Voices

#StayLoud and #Fight4OurHealth. We all know this is a tough time. The ACA is providing benefits to millions of Californians, and this access is being threatened. You’ll be hearing a lot more from us, and we want to hear from you!  

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Support CPEHN. I can’t stress enough how important it is right now to stay vigilant and aware of the threats not only to health care but to many other programs, services, and people we hold dear. Your voice, your vote, and your contributions all make a difference in keeping our fundamental rights safe. Your financial donation to CPEHN helps us with the resources we need to keep our communities informed, produce high quality research, and weigh in with policymakers. You can support CPEHN now by donating TODAY!

Again, thank you for staying strong and loud!