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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

CPEHN's Organizational Response to COVID-19

Updated: 3/18/20

CPEHN is proactively sharing information about COVID-19 from public health departments with its staff and external partners, emphasizing the importance of science-based information from credible public health authorities

  • As part of a public health community mitigation strategy and in compliance with local "shelter in place" orders, all CPEHN staff are working from home; CPEHN staff will continue to be available during usual business hours by email and phone, and will continue to stay connected internally and externally through technology (conference calls, videoconferences, internal messaging, email)
  • CPEHN will continue to conduct virtual meetings through videoconferences, webinars, conference calls, etc., but has postponed or cancelled all in-person events that had been scheduled through the end of April
  • CPEHN is supporting and encouraging those who have the symptoms of COVID-19 to seek testing and treatment
  • CPEHN strongly encourages everyone to continue to practice public health measures for washing hands and maintaining good hygiene, avoiding non-essential gatherings, and minimizing exposure to individuals at highest risk 
  • CPEHN encourages all its partners to use any of these materials, and to reach out for any assistance in developing organizational responses to COVID-19, or to discuss any questions or concerns 

COVID-19 Information and Resources

Updated: 3/24/20

Please see this list for foundations that are providing resources and other emergency funding to organizations impacted by COVID-19

Updated: 3/26/20