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Black Lives Matter

CPEHN stands in solidarity with our Black community members across California and the country that are standing up and fighting for their lives. We recommit to showing up for Black communities, to supporting not just with our words but also with our actions. And we say unequivocally that Black Lives Matter.
CPEHN was founded in 1992 in the wake of the grotesque beating of Rodney King and the subsequent outcry over the acquittal of the police officers responsible. We mobilized around the idea that communities of color must stand together and in solidarity with one another against racism and injustice. Black lives mattered then and they matter now.
We are outraged at how much has not changed in the intervening nearly 30 years. Black communities continue to face violence from the police and from the health care system. Their mental and spiritual wellbeing continues to be traumatized by repeated exposure to injustices. This should never be tolerated. Enough is enough. Black Lives Matter.
We must listen to the Black community and act now. At CPEHN we are recommitting to being intentionally, consistently, and unequivocally anti-racist. And we commit to stand in solidarity with the movement to demand justice for Black lives. It’s long past time that California stopped spending half of our city budgets on policing while Black communities are economically devastated. And it’s long past time that we stopped allowing Black people to have their pain marginalized or exacerbated in our health care institutions. Those of us who sit in positions of power and privilege, both organizationally and personally, must commit to Black organizations and their leadership in this fight. Black Lives Matter.