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Story Collection

Since passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), over 5 million newly eligible Californians have gained access to health coverage, a majority communities of color through Medi-Cal and Covered California. 

But all of these gains are now at risk. Please share your story about how the ACA has helped your community member. Your voice matters, and it will be what helps preserve this progress.


Last week, the Trump Administration unveiled a morally bankrupt budget that prioritizes spending on defense and a border wall, while cutting billions in funding for vital health and human services programs, housing, the arts and environmental protections.

ACA Update

A new report released on March 13, 2017, by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) finds that the GOP Plan “The American Health Care Act (AHCA)” would be devastating for Californians. According to the CBO analysis, 14 million people nationally would lose their health coverage in 2018, increasing to 24 million in 2026. 

New Fact Sheet on ACA

The House and Senate Republicans are fast-tracking a bill that would repeal the ACA and strip health care away from 24 million Americans including millions of Californians. The new plan, the “American Health Care Act” (AHCA) will be devastating to the health of California seniors, children and communities of color.