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Press Release

Sacramento, CA - The California Pan-Ethnic Health Network released the following statement after several state trigger cuts in the state 2020-2021 budget went into effect due to lack of federal action on a COVID-19 stimulus package. In June, the Governor and Legislature passed a budget under a projected $54 billion deficit, which included more than $11 billion in trigger cuts and deferrals impacting courts, state workers, and public higher education, should federal aid not arrive. 



Advocates for an equitable response to COVID-19 expressed disappointment yesterday over the Senate GOP’s COVID-19 relief package which slashes unemployment benefits while failing to include much needed aid to state and local governments, a move likely to result in major cuts to health care and other safety-net services on which millions of Californians rely. 

Press Release

Sacramento, CA - The California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, Health Access, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, Prevention Institute, and Public Health Advocates released the following joint statement in response to Governor Newsom’s announcement of a new equity measure for California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy.




Section 1557

Join us as we discuss the recent federal rollback of the Health Care Rights Law, also known as Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and what it does and does not mean for Californians and their continued right to access equitable health care services in California.