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Stakeholder Education, Advocacy and Outreach for Diverse Racial and Ethnic Communities

CPEHN was contracted by MHSOAC to deliver on some of the equity promises of the Mental Health Services Act. For three years, until 2024, CPEHN will serve as one of MHSOAC’s statewide advocacy organizations. In this role, we lead statewide advocacy efforts, engage local stakeholders from diverse racial and ethnic communities—including multicultural, Black, Native American, Asian and Pacific Islander and Latinx—and provide training, technical assistance, advocacy support and outreach.  

California Reducing Disparities Project: Phase 2

CPEHN is awarded CRDP Phase 2 contract through the Office of Health Equity. In the second phase of the CRDP, we are working to develop the capacity of community organizations to promote innovative community-based mental health practices, programs and approaches.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill SB 1152 Signed into Law!

This bill requires each hospital to include a written homeless patient discharge planning policy and process within the hospital discharge policy, as specified. The bill also requires a hospital to document specified information before discharging a homeless patient.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill SB 1423 Signed into Law!

This bill modifies the minimum qualifications that an interpreter is required to possess to provide oral interpretation services to an LEP beneficiary enrolled in either a managed care plan or a mental health plan.


Having Our Say (HOS) Coalition Celebrates 10 Years

CPEHN’s Having Our Say (HOS) coalition celebrates 10 years of convening grassroots community organizations, health care clinics and providers, and advocates to fight for health equity and racial justice.


CPEHN Celebrates our 25th Anniversary

CPEHN celebrates 25 years of advancing health equity!


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill AB 179 Signed into Law!

This bill requires the Governor, in appointing members, to use every effort to ensure that the commission has a diverse membership with expertise in transportation issues, taking into consideration factors including, but not limited to, socioeconomic background and professional experience, which may include experience working in, or representing, disadvantaged communities.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill AB 470 Signed into Law!

This bill requires the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to publish the performance outcomes reports based on available data for specialty mental health services on the department’s Internet Web site, and to provide the performance outcomes reports to the Legislature.


CPEHN Defends Affordable Care Act

CPEHN establishes ACA Round Ups and ACA Defense Hub to keep people informed and up-to-date on ACA repeal efforts.


CPEHN’s Sponsored Bill SB 1139 Signed into Law!

This bill prohibits a student who meets the requirements for admission to a medical degree program at any public or private postsecondary educational institution from being denied admission to that program based on citizenship status or immigration status.


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