Understanding the New Federal Demographic Data Standards: Implications for California’s Journey to Health Equity

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Cassandra Aguilar

Senior Communications Associate

On March 28th, the federal Office of Management and Budget released revised standards for the collection of race and ethnicity data, with the goal of better reflecting the diversity of the United States. These standards had not been updated since 1997, which hampered health equity efforts that rely on data that accurately reflects our communities. CPEHN and other health equity stakeholders weighed in on proposed changes, advocating for greater inclusion and granularity.

On May 16th, CPEHN hosted a webinar to learn what the new standards are and what they mean for California’s health equity efforts. Speakers addressed the extent to which the new standards accurately represent diverse communities, and the work that remains to be done.

To read the summary of the webinar and Q&As from the panelists, click here.

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Unfortunately, due to an unknown technology error during the presentation, we are not able to provide a recording of the webinar.

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