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State Budget

State Budget

Track the budget process with news about the latest proposals and their impact on California’s communities of color.

CPEHN 2017 Budget Priorities

New! Check out CPEHN’s 2017-18 Budget Scorecard for the current status of state budget negotiations on health and other issues impacting our communities (updated 6/15/17)

Updated 6/16/2017

CA Passes State Budget, Delivers Critical Investments in Health

Yesterday, on June 15th, California lawmakers passed the 2017-18 State Budget. CPEHN applauds the state’s spending plan, which delivers critical investments in the long-term health and well-being of all residents, despite ongoing federal uncertainty. The budget deal includes a full restoration of adult dental benefits in the Medi-Cal program that were rolled back in 2009. In addition, the spending plan also scraps a problematic proposal to transfer recent legal immigrants, also referred to as “Newly Qualified Immigrants (NQI),” from Medi-Cal into Covered California. These, and other investments, place the state on track to a healthier California. This budget also includes:

  • Restoration of optical benefits in the Medi-Cal program, beginning in 2020;
  • Expansion of the California Earned Income Tax Credit to raise the income threshold and include the self-employed;
  • Restoration of funds for children’s mental health crisis services, which were proposed for elimination in the January Budget.

Finally, the budget today reaches agreement on a spending plan for the Proposition 56 Tobacco Tax dollars in Medi-Cal. The Governor’s January budget initially proposed to dedicate all revenue toward costs anticipated from an increased number of Medi-Cal enrollees. Advocates and legislative leaders offered counter proposals for how the money should be spent. The final deal commits to spending up to $800 million with at least:

  • $325 million for physician provider payments
  • $140 million for dental providers payments
  • $50 million for family planning
  • $27 million for care for the developmentally disabled
  • $4 million for HIV/AIDS care

Unfortunately, the Proposition 56 spending plan did not include advocate's proposal for expanding Medi-Cal eligibility to all young adults up to age 26, regardless of immigration status.

The 2017-18 State Budget now goes to the Governor for a signature. Additional bills implementing key budget policies will follow today and the upcoming weeks.

Check out CPEHN’s 2017-2018 Budget Scorecard for a full analysis of priorities in health and other issues impacting our communities.