Winning COVID-19 Relief Funds for Underserved Communities in Calexico City, California: A Success story of Partnerships and Local Organizing During the Pandemic

Publisher: California Pan-Ethnic Health Network
Number of Pages: 2

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In 2022, the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN) published analyses of how major California counties are spending critical COVID-19 relief dollars under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). California’s counties and cities received a total of $16 billion from the U.S. Treasury to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis. Local governments have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to co-create priorities with their local constituents and invest these funds towards public health and racial equity.

To support equitable use of ARPA dollars at the local levels, CPEHN partnered with the Imperial Valley Equity and Justice Coalition (IVEJC) who was organizing a campaign in Calexico City. CPEHN provided analyses and education for the Coalition organizers, breaking down the Treasury’s equity guidelines and sharing best practices from other local governments to help make a case for the Coalition’s demands. CPEHN also sent a letter directly to Calexico City Council elevating the Coalition’s campaign.