Statewide Strategic Plan to Reduce Mental Health Disparities


The draft Statewide Strategic Plan to Reduce Mental Health Disparities was drafted by CPEHN in collaboration with six partners in the California Reducing Disparities Project (CRDP), and funded by the Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63). The CRDP is a groundbreaking prevention and early intervention effort to reduce mental health disparities in underserved populations. This Strategic Plan represents the voice of African American, Asian and Pacific Islander, Latino, Native American, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) communities in California, as captured by five Strategic Planning Workgroups, or SPWs.

Purpose of the Strategic Plan

The purpose of the strategic plan is to provide community-driven direction to reduce disparities in racial, ethnic, and LGBTQ communities by:

  • Identifying culturally and linguistically appropriate strategies to improve access, services, and outcomes for racial, ethnic, and LGBTQ populations, and
  • Providing recommendations to the state for funding and evaluating culturally-rooted, community-defined promising practices over a four-year pilot program.

Next Steps

CPEHN recently completed a 35-day public comment period to solicit additional input from community stakeholders on the draft Strategic Plan. Over the next several months, CPEHN will be revising the draft and sharing it with our partners in the CRDP. We plan to have a final Strategic Plan available later in 2015. 

You can download the draft Strategic Plan here

You can download the five CRDP population reports that were the basis for the draft Strategic Plan here.

You can download the presentation and materials from our five town hall meetings here.

If you have any questions, please contact Ruben Cantu at [email protected].