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The grid below provides information on CPEHN’s priority bills for the 2019-2020 legislative session.

Updated: 5/11/20

CPEHN Co-Sponsored Legislation

Bill Number/AuthorSponsorDescriptionCPEHN PositionStatus
AB 2102 (Ting)CPEHN, Latino Coalition for a Healthy CaliforniaData for a Culturally Appropriate Healthcare Workforce: Requires the collection of demographic data on certain health professions, including nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and vocational nurses.

Fact Sheet
Letter of Support
SupportSigned into Law!
SB 912 (Mitchell)American Heart Association, California Center for Public Health Advocacy, CPEHNPromoting A Healthy State Vending Policy: Eliminates the sunset on nutritional guidelines for food and beverages sold in vending machines in state buildings.SupportSigned into Law!
SB 137 (Hernandez)CPEHN, Consumers Union, Health AccessProvider Directories: Creates standards for provider directories and requires regular updates so directories are accurate and people know what doctors and hospitals are in their network when they shop for coverage or when they seek care.SupportSigned into Law!


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