About Us

Our Mission

To promote health equity by advocating for public policies and sufficient resources to address the health needs of communities of color.

A Voice for Change

For over 20 years, CPEHN’s most significant strengths have been the quality and commitment of our stakeholders and our strategic role in facilitating cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration. We believe the most effective public policy solutions are generated with community participation and a deep understanding of California’s diversity. That is why we’ve fought to give our communities a voice in the decisions that impact their health and well-being.

Our History

In 1992, health advocates and community leaders from four ethnic communities came together to share common goals.

At the time, health care reform efforts at the state and national levels provided a unique opportunity to improve the health of communities of color. Yet the violence in South Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict had exposed years of institutional racism and mistrust among ethnic groups.

We recognized the need to bridge the divisions that had grown between our communities and to unite our voices to advocate for a just, equitable, and healthy world. Ethnic health leaders from the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, California Black Health Network, California Rural Indian Health Board, and the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California came together to create a forum to advocate for a common health policy agenda for communities of color: the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network.