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Race & Ethnicity Data: Search Results: Reports, Policy Briefs, and Other Resources

As cited on, this resource provides data by race/ethnicity on the teen birth rate in California.

This resource highlights disparities in the quality of care for certain health conditions by race and ethnicity. 

This policy brief describes the interplay between food insecurity and the onset and management of diabetes, and underscore the need for a comprehensive framework to alleviate poverty and increase access to healthy foods.

California Focus on Disparities - All Races

This searchable resource from the California Department of Public Health provides detailed data on asthma across California.

This resource has searchable data on cancer rates throughout California.

As cited on, this resource provides data by race/ethnicity on the number of students in California experiencing depression-related feelings.

This report presents case studies, expert opinions, and recommendations from our spring 2009 convenings on joint use.

Ask CHIS - pooled data 2007/2009

This policy brief provides statistics on the growing diabetes epidemic among communities of color and highlights policy recommendations and innovative solutions to improve our communities' nutritional and physical landscapes.

Click on a county on a map or choose from a county list to get detailed asthma data for each county.

This report documents how money spent to advertise soda, candy, snacks and fast foods, dwarfs the dollars spent to promote the California and Federal "5 A Day" programs to encourage eating vegetables and fruits. Written by Consumers Union and CPEHN, this report concludes that this imbalance is one of the key factors contributing to unhealthful dietary trends in the United States that have led to the obesity crisis.

Funded by the California Program on Access to Care, this study examined the differences in utilization of services, cancer screenings, and chronic disease management among California's racial and ethnic groups in managed care compared with fee-for-service using 2001 CHIS data.

This policy brief discusses social and environmental contributors to the obesity epidemic from the perspective of communities of color, proposes solutions directed at community-level environmental change, and stresses that public policy responses are requisite for addressing this epidemic.